Candle & Burning

What's the black residue around my candle glasses?

If candle wicks were not properly trimmed, your candle will emit carbon which is the black residue around your candle glasses. We recommend to trim your candle wicks to around 5mm from wax, before/after every burn, or when the candle has been burnt for more than two hours. 

Why is it important to stop burning with less than 1cm of wax left in the jar?

There may not be enough wax left to absorb the heat from the flame, when there's less than 1cm wax in the jar. This may cause overheat of the glass thus may further cause crack of the glass. 

Can I reuse the candle jars?

All candles selected by Candle Journey are beautifully crafted including the candle jars. You're welcome to clean the jar and recycle its life by using it as vase, storing cotton buds, holding make-up brushes or kitchen spices.

How to get rid of the remaining wax after my candle is finished, to clean the jar?

To clean and reuse your candle jar, simply place the jar up right in a pot of hot water to heat up the remaining wax. Once the wax is heated, it'll melt and can be easily wiped away by paper towels. You can then wipe clean the jar and extend its life by reusing it in a number of different ways. 

Why isn't my candle burning properly?

If the flame is very tiny, the most common cause is that the wicks were trimmed too short (less than 5mm). It may also be caused by short burning cycles (less than an hour). If the burn is uneven, it may be caused by off centered wicks in which case, try to centre it by pushing the part sitting inside the soft wax towards the right direction. Please read our "Care & Safety" page to learn how to burn your candle properly.

Why couldn't I smell anything when my candle is burning?

This may be because the candle size isn't big enough for the room it's placed in, and the fragrance got spread thin within the room. Please try to take it to a smaller room like a bathroom, and let it burn for 10mins. If you still can't smell anything please be in touch with us.

Do you do branded candles with my own custom label?

Yes we do! There's usually a minimum order quantity required but let us know your request, and we'll see what we can do for your tailored candles. :)

Do you provide bulk order discount, if this is a corporate gift order for example?

Yes we do! For orders of more than 20 candles, please contact us for a bulk order special with discounts. 

General Shipping

Is shipping free?

Candle Journey offers FREE SHIPPING for orders over $75, or any orders with purchases of 2 or more candles within Australia.

Do you offer express delivery?

Yes we do. Please choose "express" delivery option at check out. A flat rate of $15 will be charged for all express requests within Australia.

Can I exchange for another scent?

Yes, we can exchange if the chosen candle wasn't quite right for you for all Australia orders. Exchange items must be full price when purchased, and must meet our exchange/return condition stated on "Shipping & Return" page. 

Can I return for a full refund?

Yes, we accept returns for full priced items. Refund will be processed if return meets our return condition. Please follow instructions on our "Shipping & Return" page.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders are generally dispatched within 1 business day after placing your order. 
Delivery time varies depending on your location, please refer to "Shipping Time" on our "Shipping & Return" page.

What if my candle got damaged during delivery?

We pack all orders with appropriate protection to avoid situations like this, but if unfortunate things happened and your candle/s got damaged on the way, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and will replace the faulty item/s for you. 

I'm in Sydney too, can I pick up from your warehouse?

Unfortunately our warehouse is not open to the public. We encourage you to order 2 or more candles to redeem FREE shipping.